Caxton Hall Desiderata

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi spoke at Caxton Hall in south London on many occasions between 1977 and 1983. There are currently 87 of these talks available in the Sahaja Library on soundcloud.

The following talks are still required:

1977-1024 1st Public Program in Europe
1977-1031 Kundalini, Agnya, Sahasrara
1977-1114 Mind and its Relationship to Kundalini
1978-0408 Satya Yuga
1978-0502 What can we do in Sahaja Yoga
1978-0703 Public Program in London
1978-0731 Public Program
1978-0807 Good. (introduction by Gregoire)
1978-0904 Faith. Honesty about seeking
1978-0907 Letter to other groups. Reading of Scriptures in Ashley Gardens
1978-0918 Dangers of Ravana
1978-1016 It is hard for society to accept Truth
1978-1030 Sahaja Yoga as a Hypothesis
1978-1106 Attention and Fulfilment
1978-1120 The first three Chakras
1978-1127 Rising above the three Channels
1978-1204 Public Program in London
1978-1230 Christmas Puja
1980-0414 Program at Caxton Hall
1982-0329 Public Program