Comments from Shri Mataji

Advice given byHH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

So all these things are to be understood, but you cannot get a kind of a book on it. So far they have not been able to do it. But all those who find, say, something about it, so you can classify it, you can note it down that this is, Mother said about this thing, or this She has said about this thing ... so you can put different headings, and can jot it down, this is what She said.  (Vienna, 1989)

And you know that I’ve given at least 500 lectures in London alone. And there are tapes of my lectures. These are available. I mean we don’t make any profits as usual, but you must also not exploit us by taking the free tapes. You should pay for the tape itself. Alright? Buy some tapes and you can get the tapes from these people. We’ll send you. You can copy it and give it to others the way you want to spread it. You can use. There is no restriction on anything, but one thing is definite that you should not sell it at the profit. As I do not sell it for the profit, you also don’t sell it for profit. There is no exploitation of the disciple and no exploitation of the poor Guru who is standing before you. (extract from Public Program, Santa Cruz, October 1981 (1981-1018))

Also if you have any questions, even if you have come today, does not matter, any questions you may write them down, give it to me, I’m coming back again, I’ll answer them. And there we have got everything in tape. And you can get the tapes from the people here for no payment at all except that you give your own tape and we’ll give you, and you can go through it and see for yourself. For that matter, any part of discussion you want to know, we have other tapes also which you can take, see them, study them, and let us know whatever is your problem, we’ll try to tackle it. This is open to all of you. It does not matter what was the past. So one should not worry about these things. (extract from Public Program, Vienna, September 1982 (1982-0928))

So one should understand that you are not to pay for this. You are not to pay for what I say to you, or for my lectures, or anything, or for your Realization, not at all, not a single pie [Indian coin] for that. You cannot pay for it. It is so invaluable. That's the only thing that's so invaluable, that one thing you cannot bring it to the level of this gross existence that we have. It is absolutely overflowing. It's absolutely freely coming to you. So you cannot pay for it. It's Love, and Love you cannot purchase.
(extract from Talk at Caxton Hall, London, March 1982 (1982-0329))

You cannot sell Sahaja yoga: that is one thing I want to tell you and proclaim today anybody that tries to do such a thing I'll ... make him a pukka pauper.  First of all you will get sick if you try to sell Sahaja Yoga. Nobody has to do such things. You have to keep that side extremely clear cut, you cannot sell anything. Also whatever I am talking you cannot sell it in the market. Many people have this habit of selling it off. (extract from First Night of Diwali 1983 (1983-1105))

You can't pay for my lectures and you can't pay for my work which I'm doing of Self-Realization. You can't pay because its a living process. You cannot pay for it. (Interview with journalists, Canberra, Australia, March 1990 (1990-0320))

There are so many things I’ve said, there are so many lectures which I would like you to hear. I’ve told them that you must give them the tapes, it’s very important. You must sell the tapes to them and take the minimum. ... But you see these are beautiful, precious lectures which I’ve seen people in other countries use them while traveling long distances, and also otherwise for meditation, so many of them are working it out that way. So if you really are interested in yourself, interested in your ascent, interested in becoming one with the whole, to be in the Kingdom of God; then please take these tapes, listen to them, meditate on them. Meditation will become very much easier. (extract from Public Program, Holland Park School, London, July 1998 (1998-0706))

Whatever I have told in Sahaja Yoga is taped and recorded. No one could change it. People could listen to tapes, but they go on reading books without understanding. This is the reason I told them to have more tapes and get the books printed. Listening to the tapes will definitely have impact on their minds.(Guru Nanak Birthday Puja, Noida, 1999)

When you are listening to my tapes, note down the points that Mother has said, and see for yourself. So the education in Sahaja Yoga is very important, otherwise your intelligence will rust out. You must have full education of Sahaja Yoga, only giving Realization is not the work. You must have, so others must know you are knowledgeable. The amount of education you've had nobody had before, no saint had it. So now take full advantage. Whatever your age may be, education qualification maybe, that doesn't matter, but you should all know what is Sahaja Yoga, what it means, how it works out. (extract from Birthday Puja, Melbourne, March 1985 (1985-0317))

So there should be complete humility. Try to acquire more knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. There are so many ways. I have got all my tapes done already, we have got all these Sahaja Yoga books out now and also your Nirmala Yoga [magazine] is there – so many ways by which you can understand Sahaja Yoga. If you don’t understand, you can ask each other, try to analyze it the way you want to understand, that what Mother is saying, is this is what She’s saying. Because my lectures are in very, very simple language. I use extremely simple language, avoiding all literary language as far as possible of course; sometimes I do have to use difficult words, but normally. So, but beyond that is a very subtle knowledge flowing. (extract from Shri Devi Puja, San Diego, May 1985 (1985-0531))

... you can't pay formy lectures and you can't pay for my work which I'm doing of self-realisation, you can't pay for it because its aliving process. You cannot pay for it.  (extract from  Press Interview Canberra (1990-0320))

In the beginning of course I mean we had to spend all my money to travel. First time when I came to Australia, twice I came with my own money, and also your first leaders they came to India, I paid for them throughout. So, he [Sir C.P.] never objected to it. Anytime even now I mean if I need money for anything for Sahaja Yoga, he’s the first to donate. This year I don’t know how much money he has really given. He said this is the last year when I can really donate because now I will be retiring. But as a result how he’s blessed even money-wise you will be surprised, because whenever we sold our houses in London, he got ten times more, twelve times more price. Which is out of the blue, I mean nobody got it like that, and the house was sold in no time without no problems, and he has so much surplus money. And he’s kept money for me, for my travel and everything in the bank. But he told me one thing that you have to show some income here otherwise our government will start asking how are you living there. Because after all it’s my husband’s money but still he’s supposed to declare all his money. Though he’s donated it to me but still we have to show some income. I said, “All right I’ll try to see if I can arrange some sort of a royalty or something for my tapes and things.” So, actually, you see, he’s so over-satisfied about it and he knows that. (extract from Talk to Yogis in Brisbane April 1991 (1991-0404))

You see, how this knowledge has come, when I went to America, they got all these things about chakras and vibrations. The word “vibration” started through that. Imagine! They did not know a word about it and Kundalini and everything, then Muktananda took a cue from there and started talking about it. They never talked about it.
Yogi: And even though you didn’t spread it directly, it got spread all over the world, anyway.
Shri Mataji: And now I knew that, that later on they would come to me alone because none of them can do it. I was so confident, and people said, “You should have a patent. You shouldn’t allow anybody to use the tapes for it, they should not tape you or anything.” I said, “Let it be, doesn’t matter. They are doing free advertisement, why not do it?” They started this twice born, all these things started with that, born again, and they never thought of it. (extract from Darshan at ashram, Sydney 1981 (1981-0325))

research by Derek Ferguson, John Noyce, Doris Verez, Anaic Le Louet