From Our Viewers

Hello. I would like to thank you for the beautiful videos that you share on sahaja library about Shri Mataji and Pujas. These videos are precious and very helpful. Thank you again from my heart. Jai Shri Mataji! (Albanian yogini)

Thank you for sharing this... (new American yogini)

Thanks john very much (Indian yogi)

Thank you so much uncle... (Indian yogi)

Thank you very much (Russian yogini)

Uncle i do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards you. every day i am listening these talks. (Indian yogi)

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing by uploading Mother's speeches on Vimeo and Soundcloud. (Indian yogini)

Amazing work from your side. May Mother bestow all her blessings. You have been such a wonderful instrument for all of us to listen and collect her nirmal vanis. Thank you so so much. (UAE yogini)

There are no words to thank you for this priceless treasure! (Indian yogini)

Thanks a lot for sharing Mother's videos with the world. (Indian yogi)

Would like to thank you for your great Sahaj job regarding the bounty of postings of Mother's lectures. Before it was not easy to find and listen to so many essential talks of our Divine Mother. Now with pleasure reduce the time of sleeping, and watch and watch all these treasures talks! (Canadian yogini)

Thank you, John for your sharing the videos on Vimeo! (Turkish yogini)

Fantastic John. Cannot thank you enough. (English yogi)

Thank you for your work (Romanian yogini)

Let the Divine shower Her choicest blessings on you, John. Thanks for the treasure. (Indian yogi)

Dear Mr John, Sahaj Library put by you on Vimeo is an absolute masterpiece! May the Divine bestow choicest blessings on you. JSM (Indian yogi)

These videos are GREAT.(English yogi)

Your hits - Sahaj a-z, sahaja library (vimeo) are the great contribution to Sahaj (Indian yogi)

My wife and I are very grateful that you have been uploading videos of Shri Mataji onto Vimeo. We have been gathering the videos from your site for our use, as we love to watch them and use them in our online meditations. (American yogi)

Those vimeo videos are a true blessing, streaming directly to the tv :) thanks uncle! (Greek yogi)

Hello, I and all the collective here in RI, US are extremely grateful to you for maintaining the video database as well as the blog site. Thank you very very much for all your efforts... (American yogini)

This is a fantastic resource you are creating. I'm struggling to keep up with the pace, trying to listen to all of them! (English yogi)

Thank you for uploading such a beautiful collection of Shri Mataji's pujas, including some very rare ones!! (Indian yogini)

Thanks for sharing invaluable lectures of Shri Mataji..thanks a lot. (Indian yogi)

I want to thank you for the amazing job that you are doing with all the videos of Shri Mataji by vimeo. You give us an incredible joy to share this treasure. (Austrian yogini)

Thank you for posting these pujas. (French yogini)

Wow!! Thank you for uploading all these videos. (Australian yogi)

John is doing a great work by sharing such beautiful and important videos & audios of our Mother for all of us. We have to be nothing but grateful to him and his loving work. Thank you brother. JSM! (Albanian yogi)

All these beautiful, beautiful videos to watch and listen to - what a great blessing ! (Indian yogini)

i really wanna give u a big hug brother. gr8 job on vimeo. (Indian yogi)

I will always be thankful to you for this ...JSM (Indian yuva)

To be able to see all these talks is so great. I am so grateful to John to all the work he is doing. To be able to have access to all of Shri Mataji's talks what wonderful time that would be. Shri Mataji's Library of Her Talks. (Dutch yogini)

Thnx lot for these eye-opening videos, John. (Turkish yogini)

Jai Shri Mataji uncle John.. Thanks a lot for all your efforts to upload all the rare videos on vimeo.. Thank you from heart. Jai Shri Mataji. (Indian yogi in Norway)

I just want to thank you from all my heart for your wonderful work for the spreading of Shri Mataji's videos, you bring all Her Speeches right into my kitchen and also in every other corner of the world, this is grassrout, this is truth for everyone everywhere, This is collective consciouness, this is love. The royalties were For Her in Person, as She is not in Her Person any more, we have to open our hearts to everyone, just like you. thank you. Your work is sooo important for the preservation of Her talks, they have to circulate as much as possible, so if one source of preservation fails, the whole internet is still there to savegueard them. Thank You, Love and Jai Shri Mataji. (Austrian yogini)

Thanks for sharing videos collection u have ... its really precious. (Indian yogi)

Thanks for vimeo...enjoying thoroughly. (Indian yogini)

You have done what I always wanted to find since I found Sahaja Yoga. Thanks very much brother. (yogi)

Thank You John! Its Timeless treasure!!! (Indian yogi)

You have done a great work on vimeo. (yogini)

Thank you very much for bringing all these wonderful talks of holy Mother, it is a great work. (Indian yogi)

Thank you for posting some lovely speeches of Mother on facebook. They are very soothing... (Indian yogi)

We wanted to thank you for the amazing videos you have uploaded in Vimeo. It has been years since we were looking for the videos of Shri Mataji and were finding it difficult to get it easily. This will become a tremendous source of inspiration for generations to come!! (Indian yogi)

Thank you for posting such a multitude of videos so that yogis around the world may grow deeper and find great knowledge and peace. My plan is to try to watch all of your videos, which will take a while, but an enjoyable process for sure. (American yogi)

Just wanted to write and say thank you, thank you and a million times thank you for all that you do for us in sahaj, making Sri Mataji's videos available to us so beautifully and quickly, this advertisement on the London Tube was out of this world..... literally. I remember you from the Maha Maya seminar in Birmingham Poly in 1985 when you already had the address list on computer, how you help us all is astounding, may Shri Mataji shower blessings on you every moment of your precious life. Such a wonderful brother you are, from your most grateful sister. (English yogini)

I want u to thank very much for uploading SHRI MATAJI's video's on vimeo......we are able to get those videos which we were searching from many months. (Indian yogi)

It is a wonderful project you have embarked on. Making SHRI MATAJI's talks public. (American yogi)

This "Sahaja Library" on Vimeo is very useful. :) (Romanian yogini)

exceptionally useful! one of the best things that ever happen, for me and many other grateful yogis! Love it! my must visit daily. (Chinese yogini)

Thanks, John to put up these wonderful treasured talks of Shri Mataji!! (American yogini)

We are really enjoying the vimeo site it has been such a life saver. (Canadian yogini)

Many thanks for this treasure trove! (Indian yogini)

Thank u so much for all the videos in vimeo .....its such a great luck to be able to see mother on different occasions and to get to hear many things straight from her.....don't know if u didn't put them on vimeo when we would have seen all these......we are grateful. (Indian yogini)

I've seen early vids on Vimeo that had never seen prior, and which touch onto topics which are much deeper than many later talks. (Australian yogini)

Hi John, want to also say a big thank you for the Vimeo uploads ...due to your efforts, am now able to listen (and watch) a talk a day ...the talks are so powerful, especially the talks of the 80s' ...listening to these talks has enabled me to reach further in my depths of spiritual ascent ...Regards. (South African yogi)

Dear John, Words are just not enough to express our gratitude for the priceless treasure you have made accessible to all of us and for the generations to come. Some of the talks are so rare that we did not even know that they existed. Please keep on uploading! May Shri Mataji bless you always and forever! (English yogini)

Everyday as I listen to a talk on Vimeo, I thank you dear brother for your industry and generosity in spreading Sahaj. (Australian yogini)

Thanks to all the wonderful & generous yogis, and the discovery of soundcloud & vimeo, we get to be engulfed in the complete Love & beauty of Shri Mataji's voice every single day :) this is such a blessing!!! i'm so grateful! (English yogini)

Thanks for the Sound Cloud site. Keep on uploading! I download the mp3s to my iPod. I tend to listen to Mother’s talks on the long international flights. I especially love listening to the old talks. It’s great. (Austrian yogi)

Thanks John for all these audios. You are doing such a great service to Sahaja Yoga and all of us. Most appreciated !!! (Indian yogini)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the resources you’ve made + are making available on the internet. (English yogi)

Thanks a million for all the talks on Vimeo. Its the GREATEST TREASURE anyone can find. Looking forward for more... (Indian yogi)

Wow.. simply awesome!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this, and are behind this project :).. thanks a million !! (Indian yogi)

Thanks for all the hard work of putting these videos online. A lot of SYies are benefiting from this... (Indian yogi)

Have seen lots of your videos, they're unique and thank you very very very much for your activity. (Russian yogi)

I can't describe how much we are enjoying your Sahaja Library uploads on Vimeo. As a result of this we are now watching Shri Mataji's videos much more than "in old days" when we had to look through our video boxes for dvds and tapes, looking at which we often did not remember which one was about what, the DVDs would get stuck in the middle of playing, to play tapes we had to hook up 5 cables to make our PAL into NTSC into HDTV equipment play. And just before doing all that something else would come up, so we ended up not playing the video. Now we got AppleTV product for $99US from apple store, and it does magic paired together with Sahaja Library. We hooked it up to our HDTV and we now enjoy the Sahaja Library videos on TV. My kids are always checking for your new uploads as they show up on appletv and are excited about them - there is a new upload on Sahaja Library - lets meditate! I also want to say that your uploads on vimeo have preserved the original vibrations of the videos and the whole Sahaja Library collection has tremendous vibrations. ... I again want to thank you for amazing vibrational videos and making them easily available. My kids are watching video 1982-83 workshops in Australia and UK and practicing Sahaj techniques as Shri Mataji is showing them Herself patiently guiding the audience. Putting all Sahaj technique videos online as taught by Shri Mataji Herself will prevent unwanted situations in the future. (American yogini)

Thank you Brother. Your efforts have made Mother's talks much more accessible. The Aussie workshops from the early 80s have been especially inspiring. (South African yogi)

Dear brother John. I know that you are doing very hard work to provide us wonderful collection of Mother's speeches. We are thankful to you. (Indian yogi)

This library is really useful and has brought much more depth and insight through enjoying many more talks of Shri Mataji. And through technology we can now stream a talk on a meeting and anywhere really. We are very grateful. (Norwegian yogi)

Just wanted to share that we here in Sheffield uk have my old net book hooked up to the TV and for our very well attended course of sahaja yoga on Monday evenings, it is fantastic to just be able to switch on, find a talk and just play. As we are all taking it in turns to hold the programme, the joy of being able to just find Sri Mataji's talks is so wonderful. We are so lucky as to have our very own centre, 24/7 and everything available at our finger tips.... Literally!!! So we are eternally grateful to all who have made this available for us and all those seeking their self realisation, thank you soooooo much. (English yogini)

It's all true! I do the same but with roku player ($60 :p ). Efforts like the Sahaja Library, amruta, sahaja-z, sahajvidya, sahajatv, sahajayogapp, and more are proof that Shri Mataji's Sahaja Yoga does not depend on central administration. (Greek yogi)

Would like to tell you again and again, how grateful we all are for the Sahaja Libraries both on Vimeo and Soundcloud which you have uploaded. We have thru these libraries been able to access the the umpteen talks of Shri Mataji which we never even knew existed. This priceless treasure, the Gift of the Divine to mankind is now available and accessible to all yogis who desire their ascent. You are and will be eternally blessed for this very selfless and beautiful initiative. (Indian yogini)

Thanx Allot john Bro. you R Doing The Divine Work By Sharing Mother Talks.. Which Is Easily available Through Your efforts N Helps In Transforming Sahajis. (Indian yuva)

At this point, I would like to thank John Noyce and his team of people for giving us all this knowledge. A big hand should be given by all for the tireless and reliable work done here in this group. May Shri Mataji bless you as She has blessed us through you. (Indian yogini on fb)

Well said! The Sahaja Library has started a movement that made all talks freely available. (Austrian yogi on fb)

There are no words for the gratitude we feel for the work John Noyce and his team has done to make the priceless treasure of Shri Mataji's talks available and accessible to all yogis. It is the most important task and each one of us is eternally grateful to you and pray that this work continues full steam ahead till each and every word that Shri Adishakti spoke during Her Incarnation on this earth is uploaded and made available to everyone. (Indian yogini on fb)

Applauding Mr. John Noyce and team! (Indian yogini on fb)

You are making great contribution to Sahaj by making mother's lectures freely available to the world through Sahaja Library. The amount of knowledge we gain directly listening to Mother is limitless. May Mother's blessings be always upon you! (Indian yogi)

Jai Shri Mataji John Uncle, you are just much help to all the Sahaja Yogis around the world (Indian yogini)

Thank you very much! In fact 'Thank you' is just not enough for the priceless treasure trove you have made available for all of us. Words fall short to express our gratitude! (Indian yogini)

Hi John uncle, writing to thank you for creating and maintaining vimeo video library, our weekly source for new lectures esp. Hindi for the newcomers class in the local Hindu temple. Such a great job!! (Canadian yogi)

Thank you so much for these Gems that you have put together along with Derek and others. This is a treasure chest whose value will increase as the years go by. (Indian yogi in Switzerland)

Yes John thank you again and again for the many years you have devoted to archiving Shri Mataji's videos. (Australian yogini on fb)

Thank you for your job to archiving Shri Mataji's video. (Russian yogini on fb)

Thank you Brother to permits us to enlarge ours knowledge of Holy Mother teaching. So many years of devoted job ! (Swiss yogini on fb)

John Noyce has done an enormous service to the Sangha and he was instrumental in making Shri Mataji available to all. Thank you John! (Italian yogi in Australia)

John Noyce - you indeed are our dearest sahaja yogi brother/friend! Always providing with right source, links and helping in making the connections! A big thanks! (Indian yogi)

Jai Shri Mataji..words cannot express enough gratitude for always providing everyone with beautiful links for deeper knowledge of Sahaj and you are always so prompt! Thank you again with all the sincerity! (Indian yogini)